Curriculum vitae

Hi, my name is Khalid Khalyl. I am 26 years old, originally from Taroudant, a city in the south of Morocco. I graduated from ENSEM as an electrical engineer in 2021. I have two years of experience working for Mascir and Energy Transfor in both Casablanca and Rabat. I am very passionate about new technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Education :

National High School of Electricity and Mechanics – CASABLANCA [2018-2021]

High School of Technology – AGADIR [2016-2018]

Skills :

Electrical engineering :

Power electronics :

Electronic & Embedded Systems :

Bus and communication protocols :

Operating systems OS :

Databases :

Design and simulation software :

Programming language :

Other software :

Professional experiences :

ENERGY TRANSFO – CASABLANCA [14 november 2022 – 15 june 2023]
Project manager (Electric vehicle charging infrastructure)

Key words :
EV chargers (Efacec), OCPP, Caneco BT, AutoCAD

[05 July 2021 – 14 november 2022]
R&D Engineer (Micro-mobility platform development under 3S project)

Key words :
ESP32, GPS (ublox), GSM (sim800l), C/C++, Modbus RTU, FlutterFlow, Firebase, Altium, Easyeda, LTspice, VS Code.

[February 20 – June 20 – 2021]
Graduation internship : Design and sizing of an electrical distribution, Low voltage/Light current on behalf of an industrial unit located in the industrial zone at DRARGA Agadir.

Key words :
Caneco BT, AutoCAD, DiaLux.

[01 September – 30 October – 2020]
Internship : Study and sizing of a photovoltaic field to supply a single house with energy. using « Intelligent » control of the load in order to optimize the use of PV and reduce the use of the grid.

SEIPIA – Oulad Teïma
[July 22 – August 22 – 2019]
Internship : Sizing of the protection devices and cables of a submersible pump control panel and simulation of its operation under SCHEMAPLIC 2.5

[April 09 – May 30 – 2018]
Internship : Redrawing of the one-line diagram and power factor correction of a low-voltage distribution panel

[June 12 – July 08 – 2017]
Internship : Observation and follow-up of different maintenance actions of all the packaging units of the factory

Projects :

Languages :